Sightseeing flight

Enjoy Berlin and Brandenburg from above…

From the airfield Schönhagen located in the south of Berlin I will take you up  in the air in two- and four-seater aircraft. The aircrafts are well maintained according to legal requirements.

The route of the sightseeing flights can be planned individually according to legal restrictions and includes, depending on flight time, the castles of Potsdam or parts of Berlin.

Panorama of Potsdam

The low approach at Berlin’s airports could be a fascinating highlight.

The sightseeing flights should be performed on late afternoon for best travel comfort. At this time thermal turbulence will be reduced and the low sun will show warm and pleasant lighting.

The sightseeing flights can be scheduled preferably on weekends and will be conducted in good weather conditions only .

Experience the unique feeling of freedom in the air and enjoy the fantastic view of Berlin.

The perfect present for birthday, wedding or any other anniversary.